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If you are looking for some great back pack armor for your EDC, consider looking into the different types of soft armor options that are available. Soft armor is much cheaper than hard armor, and there are a lot of different advantages to using soft armor instead of hard armor. Hard armor is generally only used in military packs as it is more durable and resistant to tear, however there are some very useful soft armor packs out there for regular tactical and backpack packs for hunters and other recreational sport users. Here are some examples of what types of soft armor packs can be used for military packs:

Most backpacks being offered on the market right now use the standard hard armor layers primarily because it’s much cheaper to create and easier to find, however there are some really good soft armor packs out there for military and other recreational pack users. If you are looking for the best type of pack to use in the outdoors for everyday use then you should definitely check out the Armalite Hard Armor plate carrier pack. It has four layers of protection in various sizes, and has a shock absorber plate for extra protection when you are carrying heavier loads. The top layer of the pack also has a pocket that will house the removable liner that makes it water resistant and that will cut down on wind resistance. There are also multiple pockets in the pack for smaller items that you might need like knife or glasses. It is fully lined so there is no water leaking from the inside of the pack.

The Black Wolf pack has some really nice features including the quadrelease plate carrier which will store four heavy duty plates on each side of the pack. It is also one of the most water resistant packs on the market thanks to its laminated polyurethane coating on both sides of the plates. This coating also helps prevent dirt and punctures from damaging the plates and causing your pack to rust. Another feature that this pack has that will make it easier for people to be more comfortable while out in the wild is the padded shoulder pad. If you are looking for a pack that is sturdy and comfortable but also offers the protection that you need, then the Armalite hard armor pack is what you are looking for.