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Made from high-performance and super-light UH MWPE high-hardness soft armor, tactop plate carrier bags are extremely lightweight, extremely durable, and very flexible. However, do not let the name fool you; real tactop plate carriers are capable of proving extremely serious protection against lethal firearms and other energy-projectile fragmentation devices. These carriers actually absorb, redirect, and deflect high caliber projectiles. These energy projectiles can cause injuries to even the most resilient soft armor such as our vests.

Unlike soft armor, hard armor like the ones you’ll find in the MLE (medium line armor system) and other military and police packs, are designed to withstand high caliber firearms that have the potential to cause extreme injury or death. Although they are referred to as “hard” armor, their structure is such that they are capable of withstanding the pressures associated with the firing of live ammunition (more information). They are also designed to rapidly alter their shape to adapt to expanding and contracting during the forces of recoil and the expansion and contraction of a bullet.

If you are interested in having the ability to quickly change from a hard armor to a soft armor, you will want to consider vests with hard plates that incorporate both features. These vests are an ideal solution for individuals that are interested in providing rapid protection for themselves while retaining the portability that is desired by law enforcement and military personnel. Because of this, vests with hard armor plates allow individuals to change from their hard armor plates quickly to their soft armor plates. It’s a win-win situation that offers superb protection and portability. This is what makes vest body armor plates the perfect solution for everyone.